Senin, 24 Juni 2013

I wanna be Businessman

If I were a businessman, I would be an entrepreneur sambas sonket fabric typical of western Kalimantan region. Sambas songket is a very nice typical fabric and has a very high artistic value. I want to introduce to the world that even Indonesia West Kalimantan has a very beautiful typical fabrics and high art, but at a price that is not expensive. Songket I will sell it in the form of processed material and shaped like a shirt, dress, and even other crafts such as handbags, shoes, wall hangings, furniture, and others. I will design clothes with new models that seem more modern songket fabrics that can be used by all people from young children and even the elderly.
In addition, I will open a culinary business West Borneo. Because I have a hobby of regional culinary specialties. In my opinion, eating a typical West Borneo is very delicious, so everyone loved it. With its unique and delicious flavor, I believe that the typical food of West Borneo will be known not only in my own country and even in other countries. I will also introduce special drink such as typical West Borneo like aloe vera drinks. Aloe vera drink is very popular in Pontianak. Because it contains many health benefits such as eliminating the heat in and refresh the body. Aloe vera can be used as typical souvenirs from my area and of course at an affordable price.

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