Kamis, 09 Mei 2013

My activities on Wednesday

My activities on Wednesday last week, I started to wake up at 6 in the morning. I had a shower and washed dirty clothes, and then i did prayer. After that, I have tidied up my bed and clean my room. I have been sweeping and mopping the floor of my bedroom until that all clean. I went out to buy breakfast and then i have turned to my boarding house. Last Wednesday, i had no class schedule, so i just spend my time in the room. Because I was bored, I'm trying to work on scientific writing, which was the final exam for the 6th semester. After that, I was watching tv while enjoying a snack. time has been shown at 12:00 and time for lunch. but before lunch, I had to pray dzhuhur then went to “warung tegal” for lunch. After that, i have turned to my boarding house. My friend had called me and asked me to go to the mall, and I have followed them there waiting for me. We went for shopping and hangout for refresh the mind. After the afternoon, we came home each and I return to the boarding house. I take a bath and do Asr prayer. while waiting for the call to prayer, I was watching tv. then do the afternoon prayer. 19.00 was time for dinner, and I went back out to buy some food for dinner. after dinner was over, I returned to the room and watch tv. at 21:00 the night I began to feel sleepy. before going to bed I wash my hands and feet and brushed my teeth, then take ablution for evening prayers. after Isha prayers finished, I turn off the tv and began to sleep. that my activities on Wednesday last week.

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