Kamis, 19 Mei 2011

Soal Conditional Sentences

soal conditional sentences :
1) If Oliver (to find) money, he (not/to keep) it.
2) If they (not/to wear) pullovers in the mountains, it (to be) too cold during the night.
3) If Tony (to know) her phone number, he (not/to give) it to Frank.
4) If we (not/to visit) this museum, you (not/to write) a good report.
5) If it (not/to be) so late, we (to play) a game of chess.
6) If Jeff (not/to like) Jessica, he (not/to buy) her an ice-cream.
7) If I (to be) you, I (not/to go) to Eric's party.
8) If you (to drop) this bottle, it (not/to break).
9) If she (not/to bully) her classmates, she (to have) more friends.
10) If he (not/to print) the document, I (not/to correct) it.

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